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8x10” archival watercolor paper, hand-embellished, unframed



As a child, I struggled with my splintering identity of being a "tom-boy" and a "girly-girl". I loved pink and playing in the dirt, climbing trees and dressing up like a princess, and most of all I loved making my father proud.



As a teen, I began to truly struggle with how I saw and perceived femininity and female strength. These issues were egged on by my father who looked down on other women for being women but put me on a pedestal for being his daughter. Cue all of my complicated feelings and internalized misogyny.



As an adult daughter who has cut off her father, I have begun unknotting these feelings and exploring the power of women, the power I have as a woman. To say this process has been easy would be a lie but I am so glad I am on this journey. This piece explores the duality of womanhood, the sexualization, the power, and the struggles we all face.



Daddy Issues - Archival Print - 8x10"

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