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11x14" archival print on bright white watercolor paper


Diana Spencer has always been someone I gravitated towards, named "Princess of the People", she captured hearts and minds alike. With such charm, grace, and great fashion sense, who would have thought she was suffering so much.


"All Eyes on Me" is a commentary on the silent suffering of those in the spotlight, people whom we watch day in and day out, dream to become, and obsess over. Yet they suffer quietly, feeling utterly alone in a crowded room.


On Diana's side, I have cut out excerpts from her 1995 interview with the BBC. In the interview, Diana comes out to the public for the first time about her eating disorder and other mental health struggles. Though her story is cloaked in tragedy, she was brave enough to open up and speak her truth. Please speak up if you need help.

You are not alone.


To find more resources and mental health help, please visit:

All Eyes on Me - Archival Print 11" x 14"

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