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10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Hi! If you follow me on instagram or facebook, then you already know I am an artist living in the beautiful ocean state, but there's plenty you don't know about me. Here are ten things you didn't know!

Photo by Kirsten Capron

I never wanted to be a professional artist.

Growing up I LOVED drawing. It was my escape from everything. I spent hour creating worlds that I could runaway too. But we all grow-up right? Once I was a bit older, I realized that I wanted to be something that everyone would be proud of. Someone with wealth and power and honor - artists can't be all that, right? I had this idea, this plan; I was destined to be a doctor, someone everyone could look up too, someone important. Little did I know, I was running from my own destiny, listening all to closely to everyone but me. Long story short, I woke up one day and realized how wrong I was. I dropped my pre-med major and started my art degree. I was met with distain, as you can image, but I pushed through. And here I am - proud, happy, and grateful.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm an Art Consultant.

While I am not painting my heart away, I am working in a high-end art gallery placing artwork in private collections. I work with artist and collectors from all over the world and from all walks of life. If you ever find your self curious about collecting art or art as an investment, shoot me an email! I am always happy to answer questions.

This past winter, I donated my kidney.

To those who have followed me closely, you already know parts of the story. For those that are new, I'll start from the beginning!

I have a younger brother named Lucas. We are about 4.5 years apart. When he was young, he was diagnosed with FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis), which is a disease of the kidneys that causes scar tissue to build up and function to slow down. By the time he was 20 the disease had run its course and his kidney function was down to 10%, the only thing to do, was transplant. Thats where I came in! In January of 2019 we went into surgery at 8am and Luke had a new functioning kidney by 1pm, and I had the stitches to prove it.

Over 8 months have past and Luke and I are doing well, we had some bumps in the road, but all is good!

I am madly in love with my high school sweetheart.

I met Alex when I was a freshman in high school and he was a sophomore. We met during jazz band rehearsal and I was so aw-struct by his smile, I am sure I fell right that moment. This December, we will be celebrating our 11th anniversary! He is my soul mate and the love of my life. He is kind, supportive, and all-around loving. We have been through it all (and I mean it all) high school, college, first job, first move, first funeral, first parental death, first dog, first home.

I can't image my life without him.

Alex and Sara, Kauai 2019

I Love Comics.

I have always been a big fan of comics, but not always in the traditions sense. I didn't really have comic books growing up, but I would spend hours online looking at fan comics and creating them myself. Now, in my late 20s, I am both of fan of traditional comic books and some awesome online comics. Here's a list of what I'm reading: Saga, Lore Olympus, Siren's Lament, Y the Last Man, and Sub Zero (if you liked Avatar The Last Air Bender, I highly recommend this one!)

I am a big fan of coffee, a BIG fan.

I love drinking coffee, and I know what some say, but I love it. Ice coffee year-round, hot coffee at any time of the day, I am never without a cup in my hand (unless it's wine). Some of my favorite coffee shops around RI are Brewed Awakings in Warwick, Coffee Grinder in Newport, Cafe Bar in Wakefield, and Java Maddness in Narragansett. Ever want to chat? Lets go grab coffee!

I'm an artist but I am also an art collector.

I have a small but wonderful art collection that I am very proud of. As of right now, I have 4 original paintings and many limited and open ended prints. If you are just starting your collection, prints are a great place to start! Limited edition pieces can hold value just like original art. One of my favorite pieces of all time is "Peaches with Pink Cosmos, and Tea" by Margret Owen (and my first original oil!).

"Peaches with Pink Cosmos and Tea" 20x20" by Owen

I am not religious but am deeply spiritual.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in the energy of the universe and reincarnation. I feel most connected and powerful when I am in the woods or in the sea. I am currently learning more about witch craft and Wicca, and am loving it! Recently (in the past few years) I have started learning more about Tarot. Currently my favorite deck to work with is The Wild Unknown. If you are interested in learning more or having a chat, let me know! I also have some spooky stories I can tell!

I am scared of the dark.

Well, sorta. When I was little, I was so scared of the dark. I couldn't sleep without a light of some kind on. It wasn't the dark its self, it was what my mind thought could come out of it. All of the creepy crawlers, mangled beings and dripping fangs that my mind envisioned would slink out of the darkness and get me. It had me frozen in fear but the light would always keep them at bay. As I grew older, my fears were calmed and I was much more brave, sleeping in the dark, no light required. But every once in a while, after a scary movie or any episode of the podcast Lore, I still leave a small light on - just to be safe.

I watch anime.

Wow. This one seemed more monumental in my head. As a kid, I was always teased for my love of the Japanese style cartoons but this is how I got my start with artwork! I was inspired by shows on Adult Swim like Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, FMA and Samurai Champloo. As an adult it feels silly to keep such a simple thing close to my chest, but old habits die hard. So here I am, sharing this with the world: I like anime.

Have some thing you want to share with me? I am all ears! Let's talk!

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