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2.5" x 3.3" weatherproof sticker with fun details on the paper backing.


Cropped image from my piece "All Eyes on me". Created in 20212, I have always wanted to do a piece of Princess Diana, but I did not want to do a traditional portrait, I wanted to capture something more "raw", an ode to the struggles she went through.


"All Eyes on Me" is meant to capture the sensation of being in the spotlight 24/7 but never really being seen. She suffered through an eating disorder, mental abuse, anxiety, and depression, all while showing up for the world with a smile on her face.


The text on her left side are pieces from her interview with the BBC in 1995 and her necklace is a nod at Anne Boleyn's necklace, another one of Britain's royal women turn martyr.


Find the ORIGINAL here!

All Eyes on Me - Waterproof Sticker

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