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Custom Resin Prints

Custom Resin Prints


I am so thrilled to be offering this fun new take to my old products! You can't go wrong adding a bit of bling to your artwork. 


Each print will be mounted onto a cradleboard (kind of like a canvas, but made of wood), making it ready to hang on the wall right away, no waiting for framing!


I will add glitter and other painted and non-painted embellishments on the piece in between layers of clear resin. This will give the piece a shiny multidimensional look, like layers of glass stacked up. It is a fun and modern way to display artwork!


Please select the print you would like from the drop-down menu. For zodiac prints, please leave a message as to which zodiac sign you would like.


 Allow up to 3 weeks for product turnaround and shipping. Each of these pieces are made to order. I want to make sure each piece comes out perfect. 


If you would like some specific for your piece, after you place the order, please send me an email describing exactly what you would like; certain colors, gold embellishments, ect. 

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